What materials do you use ?

All leather products are made from genuine By-Product leather which is left over from the food industries (sourced within the UK) so essentially using up waste, even though it is By-Product leather it is of a great quality & is very durable.

The super special paints I use are specialty leather edge paints, they are like a water based resin they are sourced from Italy and I order them consciously .

A range of materials are used including new 100% cottons, vintage & dead stock fabrics, materials are all thoughtfully sourced, each product has a detailed listing of the materials used.

How do I look after my leather purses & bags ?

Absolutely Love them !

Wipe regularly & gently with a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

Store in a dust bag when its not in use, if you don't have one a pillowcase is a great alternative, stuff with filling to hold shape when storing

keep out of direct sunlight.

Blot away water or moisture as soon as possible

Avoid sharp/ rough surfaces or objects that could scratch the leather.

Avoid overfilling to prevent any stretching.