Hi and welcome to Brooke María, created and ran by myself Brooke Maria Rosewarne Tippett (I love to get a chance to write my full name).

Grewing up on a farm and next to the sea on the North Coast of Cornwall I developed a great respect for nature and its natural beauty and this has a big impact on the materials that I work with and am inspired by.

I have dabbled in sewing all my life, I have always been a maker and creator in a variety of forms, but It wasn't until nine years ago I took sewing and dressmaking seriously.

I attended a short community course and then before i knew it I had moved to Plymouth and was in my final year of my Fashion degree and wanted to use real fur and other high end fabrics as part of my graduate collection, I wanted to create pieces of superior quality, long lasting, using high end materials.

Ive been on a massive journey and have met some truly inspiring and talented people, now my friends, along the way especially Furrier of 40 years, Chris Courtenay Williams from Chester who has trained and advised me to no end.

I now work as a furrier and designer creating bespoke pieces , limited edition and one off designs for my own little business in my small home studio in Plymouth, everything is made by me each piece at a time.

I am a member of The British Fur Trade and use fur as part of the Origin Assured Initiative.