"I am well travelled and always thrived creatively, in 2014 I graduated with first class honours in fashion, during the creation of my final collection I developed my love for Fur and began to explore Fur in great detail, with all of my life experience behind me in which to inspire me" 


Brooke has been working with fur for four years and her business is organically growing with regular private clients and Theatrical commissions. She also creates her range of designs, where colours and textures have all been carefully selected and combined to create high end innovative designs, one off and limited edition pieces.

During her final year on her degree Brooke visited specialist Furrier of 40 years, Chris Courtenay Williams from Chester, who inspired Brooke to work with fur handing down vital knowledge of the traditional techniques used to work with this fabulous material and just adored his passion for his work, through training with him and through independent research and experimentation Brooke has gained a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience.  

Having been introduced to Saga Furs and Hockley of London through a competition workshop and attending trade events such as Mifur and Premiere Vision she has been offered further insight into contemporary ideas and techniques which make this beautiful material even more versatile.

It became apparent to Brooke that the possibilities with working with fur are endless and just loved the idea that such a sustainable material can be so flexible and last for generations, what other material can be reinvented over and over again! and so armed with all this knowledge, experience, fur machine and Brooke's creative drive she set up her small business in Devon.

Brooke is a member of The British Fur Trade and uses fur as part of the Origin Assured Initiative.