Top Care Tips

Here are some top tips to help your fur lead a long and healthy life.

Store in a well ventilated, cool wardrobe with lots of room so the fur doesn't get squashed never store your fur in direct sunlight.

Hang your fur on a broad, sturdy hanger so it is supported either allow your to hang freely or store in a breathable garment bag, furs need air circulation to stop the leather from drying out.

Try to avoid getting your fur or leather saturated with water, but if you do get caught in a shower do not panic just shake it out and allow to dry naturally in a well ventilated room, once dry give it a shake.

Fur should always be cleaned by professional fur cleaning specialists who use sawdust drums to clean the furs, with proper care your fur will last generations.

Brooke does not have the facilities to clean fur in house, however she can arrange for your furs to be sent away, to be cleaned by a reputable fur cleaning specialist.

Brooke will take care of everything for you from delicately packing to ensuring it has the correct postal insurance and will deliver it back to you, for more information on this service please get in touch.

Product Care Tips

These tips are for light cleaning and freshening only of fabrics other than fur and leather.

Fur Topped Bobble Hats

Remove the fur bobble from the hat, hand wash the hat gently in lukewarm water and allow to dry flat and naturally, reshape while damp as required.

Fur trimmed wool/mohair mittens

Hand wash in lukewarm water dabbing water gently with a sponge do not excessively rub the outer fabric or wring them out, avoid getting the fur trim wet, they can be turned inside out if the lining requires cleaning, while they are drying put the gloves on the wearer to help restore the shape of the mittens.

If you have any questions please get in touch,