Remodels and Alterations

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Remodels and alterations are carefully undertaken by Brooke in her studio in Plymouth, Devon.

Brooke's expertise in traditional and modern Furrier and pattern cutting skills she is able to perform the smallest of alterations to complete transformations of your beloved fur garment into a piece or pieces, which are fresh and more fitting to your personal style and taste. 

We shall discuss your ideas and then examine your fur(s) to make sure they are suitable and in a sound condition to be worked upon, once this is complete and you are happy with all aspects of design the work shall be carried out.

Brooke works alongside her clients within the design process to advise on materials, techniques and procedures to ensure you get the most out of your fur (s).

The possibilities are pretty much endless with what she can create from an inherited or vintage fur garment that would otherwise become sadly stashed in the back of a wardrobe, one of the many beauties of fur it is completely recyclable and can be reinvented time and time again.

A Fur coat can simply have its dated style transformed through alteration, adapting the sleeves, collars, length, style, perhaps adding a hood or another fur or fabric.

Your fur (s) can be turned into cushions, handbags, key rings, headbands or used to trim other garments or accessories, just recently Brooke has used a vintage Mink Gilet to trim a pair of leather boots, leather skirt and a jumper its quite surprising what you can create from one coat.