Repairs and Relining

Relining and repairing are very common and important up keeps of a fur garment or accessory, lining is there not only to help protect the outer material but can also be an intriguing part of the overall design, a new lining can completely transform a garment or accessory by itself.

Different lining fabrics, colours and trims can be sourced to your taste alternatively Brooke can replace a lining with the customers own fabric. You may want a traditional  subtle lining or too add a modern twist with something loud in colour or print. 

It is a good time when replacing the lining to have your fur piece checked over for any repairs that may need to be carried out.

Repairs are important to up keep a fur garment to ensure it doesn't penetrate any further and cause more harm, tears, splits and areas of wear are all manageable by Brooke and are carefully carried out to ensure longevity of your fur piece.

As with remodels and alterations Brooke will need to examine your fur (s) to check the extent of the damage and to make sure it is worthy of a repair which generally is possible in most instances, in unfortunate circumstances where the damage may be too much we can talk about alternative ideas in saving as much of your fur (s) as possible.