Purse & Bag Care

Sharing is caring !, So here are a few little tips to help keep your treasured leather items looking their best so you can smile every time you use them 😇


Flaunt them 

Love them 💕

Wipe regularly with a soft cloth to remove dust & dirt.

Store out of direct sunlight

Try to store in a dust bag when its not in use, if you don't have one (Why not 🙃?), but a pillowcase is a great alternative.

If storing remove the strap of the bag and coil

Buff or polish the brass hardware, over time the brass hardware may develop a patina you can buff or polish it to help keep it super shiny !


Overfill, to prevent stretching out of shape

Let your piece get soaking wet, a little light rain is fine, just let it dry naturally

Let your piece come into contact with sharp objects that could scratch the leather